Mr. Okabe joined the LSBM doctor program because he wants to perform research to investigate cancer-related gene. He says, “I am impressed with this program because it has the most updated research facilities. At LSBM, researchers from various backgrounds collaborate together toward a shared goal -- that is our style. I feel like I am expanding my possibilities by talking directly to the research specialists from different fields. Another attractive feature of this program is being able to be involved in many projects which are initiated by Japanese government.”

Individual Space

Each student is provided a research space to concentreate on his or her research.  Students have access to the most advanced equipments in the laboratory.  The faculties are always available for discussion on research and student life at LSBM . The laboratory in LSBM has a free and supportive atmosphere.  You can always try new things. 

Interdisciplinary team members make this program particularly interesting.

Since we have researchers from various different backgrounds, they provide broader perspectives to understand physiology and pathophysiology of our life. This environment has a big advantage to develop new drugs to treat a variety of disease. Doctoral students are from all different backgrounds. The research projects progress through free exchange of ideas and discussions with collegues at LSBM

Quality use of Library

The thrill of research is at the moment that your experiment goes well. On the other hand, when the experiment doesn't go well, you feel let down. When you are in that situation, our library will be a great help. It is open from 9 am to 10 pm every day. You can always visit the library to look for new ideas when you are experiencing some scientific problems with your project.

Green Campus

There is a grass field in the middle of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology campus. In spring, the cherry blossom trees extend their branches all around the fields and create a beautiful flower viewing spot. There are many trees all over the campus. The green campus is vital in providing you with inspiration as well as relaxation.

Refreshing Change

When students feel they are challenged with research problems with their project, some play tennis on campus while others go to Shimokitazawa to enjoy drink and good food, or take a walk in the neighborhood. There are those who say having a drink with their peers is the best way to change the spirit.

Comfortable Campus Life

Campus at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology have only graduate studens and researchers, creating a quiet and academic environment. The dining facility has been improved recently. A new Italian restaurant just opened on campus and food vendors come to the campus regularly.