Each student will belong to a research laboratory. The student will have close discussion with his or her supervisor on his or her project as well as a research support such as scholarship program to pursue their academic goals. At the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, students will have frequent discussion with their supervisors on their research progress.

Field of Molecular Biology


Our aim is to develop treatment and diagnostic methods using molecular biology and biochemistry in areas where effective treatments have not been well established, such as arteriosclerosis, advanced cancer, Alzheimer's disease, or viral infectious disease.

Genome Science


Based upon the genome information, which is the blue print of life, we are seeking novel ways to advance life sciences by acquiring and combining systematic bioinformation.

Field of Systems Biology


Field of Cardiovascular Systems

Our aim is to understand the principle mechanism and pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases (arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, abnormal vascular development), which are the factors contributing to three major leading causes of death (cancer, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction) in our aging society.

Field of Cell Metabolism

Our aim is to understand the pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome diseases and to develop treatment for these diseases.

Field of Membrane Traffic

We are trying to focus on the location and movement of macromolecules in cell.  Our specific focus is to understand the regulation of molecular interactions and rearrangement of cell structure at the cell membrane . We will analyze the dynamics of the cell membrane through  a variety of bioimaging techniques, such as FRET, TURF,......

Field of Bioinformatics

We view the cell as ‘a multiple molecular complex system’ and we analyze its interactive network system.

Field of Cell Metabolism Medicine


Based on “Wnt signal transduction” and “calories restrictions and transcription control” concepts, we analyze epigenomic signals at multi-layer scales to understand the pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome diseases.

Socially related research areas


Field of Molecular Dynamics

By utilizing the accurate molecular dynamics simulation and the supercomputer, we aim to solve problems in molecular biology and drug development research from the atomistic viewpoint.

Field of Signal Transduction

We investigate the molecular mechanism of GPCR (G protein-coupled receptor) signaling system. In particular, we are interested to understand the role of GPCR signaling in cancer and aim to develop novel drugs targeting the components of this signaling system.